Anthony Maurice Chisholm II is AMC/Poohgie.
Since he was 2 years old, Anthony has been performing.
He seems to love the attention he gets when he sings and dance.

AMC was first seriously recognized by his father who also loves writing and producing tracks for performance.

One night while working on a musical track, the 3 year old Anthony walked into the studio, sat down, started nodding to the musical track, and then started humming a melody. His father had to stop what he was doing, because he liked what the 3 year old was doing.

He then focused on his son and they both worked out a song with an AMC melody and lyrics. That was the beginning of AMC/Poohgie, and as he gets older, he becomes more gifted and matured in his talent.

AMC is not your average 11 year old. His themes and titles, along with his lyrics are deep, deeper than most in his age range.

Being around his father, mother, and grandparents has influenced the spirit to come forth. AMC is all about GOD, his infinite energy and it’s relationship to THE MOST HIGH.

He is well informed of who he really is, and his origination as a people. AMC wants the world to heal from hate, racism, and prejudice.

In his 11 year old mind, he sees the world as paradise… if the rest of us can follow the AMC plan.

He sees the injustice and the games people in power play. He wants that change. Love and fun is AMC’s determination.

“If we can change the world, and have fun doing it… then why not? Life is short!”

AMC wants to entertain you with songs, Pop, R&B, Rock, Reggae, Alternative, and New Style.

Enroll in the AMC School… don’t you wanna ride?

WORLDWIDE is a new single written and performed by AMC and his brother Peter DC Jr. We hope you like it!

AMC Energy Music Video
Freedom Music Video
School Rock Music video 
dreadlocks Music Video

AMC has now joined Create And Vibrate along with Whole World Radio and his bigger brother Peter DC Jr as a DJ for the Radio Show CHISHOLM ENTERPRIZE!

Stay tune as we give you information that links you to the show.