Cosmic 5000


Cosmic Koosa 5000

Cosmic Koosa 5000

And a great star exploded, causing a great wave of cosmic radiation throughout the solar system. This explosion gave birth to a son of Rhythm, Cosmic Koosa 5000.

Why Cosmic Koosa 5000? Because the first 4999 did not survive earth’s quest for sound.

Cosmic 5000 landed in New York at a place earthlings call Mount Vernon. Quietly he stormed and shook the very earth at a place called The Boogie Down Bronx.

5000 is a teacher of percussion and discipline. He reigns in Canada, New York, and soon the entire planet will feel his vibrations.

Roydel Records feels blessed to have Cosmic Koosa 5000 as the Recording Label’s very own Drummer. The Bronx Drummer is diverse not just with percussion, but melody and instrumentation.

His vocal training is unmatched in simplicity and logical technique. Being born of the very waves of the cosmic, Cosmic Koosa 5000 is a proven child of THE MOST HIGH.

If you give 5000 the chance, he will dazzle you in rhythm. Listen to his sounds and understand his power. Get into his groove and fall in love.

Fall in love with Cosmic Kooosa 5000. The other 4999 did not make it!

Da Drummer Video

This is the other talents Cosmic Koosa 5000 has with His URBAN DESIGN Company.