Peter DC


Peter D Chisholm/Peter DC

Peter DC

Peter D Chisholm has quite an imagination.
Peter wrote his first story at age 7. Peter was born in London England, and raised on the beautiful Island of Jamaica.

Peter was introduced to GOD and JESUS at an early age. It was then Peter DC was born!

Being in the church and with a musical family, it was only natural for music to be in Peter’s blood. Peter was introduced to Elvis Presley at age 8. It has been a musical adventure with a sense of drama in his writing since.

Peter DC wants to educate the world with his music. He wants to tell you like it should be with his books. Peter believes in romance, but not Hollywood romance, but more African Cultured Romance.

He is a visionary of peace and love. Peter wants Unification, but not just for black people, but ALL PEOPLE.

Peter will express how serious he is in both his books as well as musically.

Give Peter DC the chance he deserves. Let Peter D Chisholm give you a grand tour of his mind.

He produces tracks for other Artist as well. Peter DC wants us all to dance. Peter D Chisholm needs to pull us all together.

Let us all join Peter, musically and literally, and see if we can try to change the world by changing ourselves.

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