The Team

The Roydel Records Team are Family. Peter D Chisholm is the owner and CEO of the Recording Label. After many years of rejection, he decided to start his own Record Label. Roydel Entertainment is here! The second in charge of the Recording Label is Cassandra Y Daniels Chisholm, Peter's wife. She believes in support, and what better way to show it than to join her husband in the business.

The Recording Label is joined by a few trusted personnel who are also defined as family. Although behind the scene and away from the lime light, Peter and Cassandra can depend on Peter D Chisholm Jr, Anthony M Chisholm II to apply certain social media acts that benefits the company.

The Family Recording Label, is joined by affiliates that makes the clock tic. Marc Lundy, James Brown, Brian Smith, Kenneth Jones, Terry Roberts, Wilson Gant, Mel Davis, and is Calvin Greenhill, are among the tools and pieces that makes Roydel Records tic. Learn more about them in the ABOUT US section of this website.

Hopefully your name will be among the ever growing ROYDEL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP!