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 Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We believe in being honest. Honest music is what we stand for. Sing the life you live.

Music is expressing how one or more feels. Life is music, and music is life.

A song has POWER. Think of a favorite movie, how a certain scene can have you emotional. Not that the actual scene was overwhelming, but the music played before or during the scene dictated your emotion to rise.

Music, like love is not international anymore, but universal.

Music is political. It’s international and radical, it’s confusing and conversational. Music is religious, pagan, and differential. It’s delusional, sick, and intentional.

Music is compassionate, sensitive, and seasonal. It’s crazy, wild, and confrontational. Music is love, it can also be terminal. Music is everything, it’s spiritual.

Our approach is simple, it’s expressional.

Roydel Records believe our Artist and all Artist should be him or herself and nobody else!

Our goal is to bring the Underground Mainstream. We are colorful, so we do not mind a mix. intertwine what ever you feel, there is always a group, or just one person who will feel, like, love that new birth.

Our approach is simple, let us be us, and we will enjoy you being you.

 Our Story

Peter D Chisholm is the owner and founder of Roydel Records.
Peter at age 19 saw the music business, not just in America, but worldwide as Bias, and Prejudice.
The business is too selective and many have to belong to a click to be accepted.

After enduring this prejudice as the Artist Peter DC, Peter D Chisholm started his own independent Recording Label Roydel Records. But Peter soon learned his Independence was not Independent at all.

Roydel Records signed Artist to their label, not realizing the capital needed to invest in each Artist. The lack of funds became a major issue. The hard lesson of the music business from A to Z was now evident.

Peter and his crew found themselves at investors doors. Investors who always proposed ownership of his dream. So after countless negotiations, Peter abandoned the investors and sought to find another way.

After many years of searching, technology became the new way. With many social media groups on the rise, the birth of Google and YouTube, Roydel Records is now looking at yet another chance.

So now Roydel Records’ story you now know. So although not quite Independent, Roydel Records do not have to rely on bias judgement to go forward.
Now Roydel Records can bypass the hypocrites, and have you be the REAL JUDGE.

So now, Roydel Records introduce themselves… to YOU.

Meet the Team

Our Roydel Records Team, is really Family.

Roydel Records is proud on how they view and define the TEAM.
Roydel Records is lead by Owner/President Peter D Chisholm, and Vice President Cassandra Chisholm.
Roydel Records has the support of Marc Lundy of OnTour Productions, as well as Benton Reid of Keyzb Pro.

The Family consist of outside companies who has been inspirational and encouraging from the start of it all.

The Production Team is a make up of folks you may know, and some who are new in their field, such as Mel Davis, professional Keyboard/piano as well as Guitar player, Wilson Gant of the Invitations, Terry Roberts of the Invitations and Create And Vibrate, Linwood Booker of Jalin Productions, Calvin Greenhill music production, Cosmic Koosa 5000 professional Drummer, a variety of Artist, and the most important person on the Team… THE MOST HIGH, FATHER OF ALL UNIVERSES AND BEYOND.


Mel Davis



Wilson Gant



Terry Roberts/Create and Vibrate


            (570) 982-4639

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OnTour Productions



Calvin Greenhill



Epic Order

contact: epicorderbandmanagement@gmail.com

Number: (347) 921-3850

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Peter D Chisholm

  • Founder & CEO


                                      (917) 340-1470


Cassandra Y Chisholm

Vice President