Prince Roydel


You may be asking... "ARE THEY SERIOUS??" Yes! Why not? Roydel Records is not just about the talented, but we do consider ourselves as Motivators.

Prince Roydel is only a toddler, but on many occasions he accompanies both his brothers, AMC, and Peter DC Jr and even Peter DC to the many recording studio they go. And in his own way, he sings, he plays an instrument, and participate in creations.

Prince Roydel is always in the recording booth ready to show his talent. There is no question, HE LOVES MUSIC!

So at the request of Roydel Records Artist AMC, we have decided to put him on.

So the owners of the company have decided to take on the responsibility to nurture this young talent.

So we here at Roydel Records are encouraging The Prince by working with him in the studios and getting his songs together... for YOU!

Be on the look out for PRINCE ROYDEL...

Yes, we are serious!